Top Cannabis Strains: Popular Weed Strains To Try in 2024

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Another year has flown by; 2024 is here and it's crazy to think how far the cannabis industry has come since medicinal use was first legalized in California in 1996. 

2023 was an amazing year for the cannabis industry. As more states across the nation legalized adult cannabis use and the negative stigma around weed continues to diminish, more and more people are enjoying the therapeutic benefits of this magical plant. 

Whether you are new to cannabis or have been consuming it for years, there is no denying how overwhelming it can be when you are trying to choose a weed strain when there are over 700+ strains out there. 

Let us help you with that. 

We’ve compiled a list below of the best strains of weed to try in 2024. From indica strains to sativa genetics, here are the best cannabis strains to look out for this year.

Best weed strains for the sativa lover

Who doesn’t love a good wake-n-bake sesh? Sativa-dominant strains are perfect for the cannabis consumer who likes to get up and go. 

Lemon Berry Candy OG by Natural State Medicinals

Lemon Berry Candy OG

A hybrid strain with the best properties of sativa genetics, Lemon Berry Candy OG is perfect for energizing the body and mind. It sparks creativity and focus in its users, making it beneficial in treating medical marijuana patients with ADD/ADHD, depression, and fatigue.

Our favorite cultivator growing this strain is Natural State Medicinals, located in White Hall, AR. With their dedication to cultivating high-quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabis, NSM’s Lemon Berry Candy has started to make waves amongst Arkansans with its invigorating effects and enticing citrus aroma.

Lemon Skunk by In The Flow

Lemon Skunk

A sativa-dominant hybrid strain like no other, Lemon Skunk is a highly potent strain great for any time of day. With intense cerebral effects that uplift and focus the mind and its soothing body-high that doesn’t couch-lock, Lemon Skunk is the perfect pick for helping relieve symptoms of chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and nausea.

At The Source, we began cultivating a high-testing cut of Lemon Skunk provided to us by In The Flow in 2023. With multiple batches testing at over 30% THC and a strong terpene profile, it’s clear that this sativa-dominant hybrid is one of our small grow’s best performers. Lemon Skunk is the loudest, skunkiest strain in the building! Trust us — you won’t want to miss this sativa strain each time a new harvest drops, because it sells fast!

Lilac Diesel

With a slight sativa dominance, Lilac Diesel is a fragrant cannabis strain that induces a powerful cerebral high immediately upon exhale. An intense focus overcomes the mind, while a warm tingle spreads throughout the body, inducing hunger in its users. Lilac Diesel is not for inexperienced cannabis users and may help in treating chronic pain, depression, insomnia, migraines, and nausea.

Lilac Diesel is another sativa-dominant hybrid by In The Flow that we grow in-house in our own boutique grow at The Source in Rogers. Another high tester, this strain of weed shows off in our touchy-feely, craft batch grow room. 

Alleviate stress with these hybrid strains

Hybrid strains are perfect for the cannabis consumer who loves the properties of both indica strains and sativa strains. 

Desert Lime by Carpenter Farms

Desert Lime

Considered to be a balanced hybrid, Desert Lime is excellent for uplifting and motivating the mind. Although it can produce a heavy relaxation in the body, users of Desert Lime report feeling giggly, social, and energized, making it an excellent strain for relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Interspecies Erotica by Carpenter Farms

Interspecies Erotica

Interspecies Erotica is another balanced hybrid with all the best parts of indica and sativa genetics. Users of this highly potent cannabis strain report feeling an increase in appetite and tingly euphoria that hits both mind and body, making this hybrid strain beneficial in treating chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and nausea.

Both Desert Lime and Interspecies Erotica were brought to Arkansas by Carpenter Farms located in Hot Springs. Our budtenders are huge fans of these exotic hybrid strains! 

Luxar Dos

Fairly new to the cannabis scene, Luxar Dos shows a slight sativa-dominance and is a great weed strain for a lazy day as it produces a heavy euphoric effect that quickly progresses into a powerful body high. With its intense effects and tendency for high THC levels, Luxar Dos is beneficial for helping medical cannabis patients with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and stress. 

Indica-dominant strains that induce relaxation

Time to go to bed! Enjoy these indica-dominant hybrid strains that allow the mind and body to relax, soothing it into a peaceful, sedative state.

Afghan Kush

The real OG. Afghan Kush is a Mazaar landrace weed strain, meaning cannabis would not be the same today without it and other landraces like it. A classic indica strain, Afghan Kush produces the typical effects that have come to be known for indicas and is extremely sedative, affecting more of the body than the mind. It is a perfect strain for helping relieve symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and PTSD.

Glitter Bomb

A delicious cannabis strain that is quickly gaining a following, Glitter Bomb produces an uplifting high that relieves the mind of racing thoughts before settling in the body, making its users completely immobile. Perfect for a late night smoke sesh, Glitter Bomb may help relieve symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia.

Glitter Bomb was first brought to Arkansas by TICAL when they partnered with BOLD Team from Plant City, AR. Since its debut, it has enticed cannabis consumers, with other cultivators like River Valley Relief also producing the popular indica leaning strain. 

Royal Wedding by Revolution Cannabis

Royal Wedding

A mood-boosting indica-dominant hybrid, Royal Wedding is a popular strain of weed amongst budtenders for its euphoric and couch-locking effects. Best for use in the evening or at night, Royal Wedding may help medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and lack of appetite. 

A favorite of several of our budtenders, Revolution Cannabis cultivates this sweet, cake-y strain to perfection, with it consistently producing a higher than average THC level. This is one indica strain you won’t regret buying.

Blackwater by Natural State Medicinals

BONUS Indica Strain — Blackwater

Beloved for its fruity dankness, Blackwater is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that slowly creeps up on its users before melting down the entire body for a classic head-to-toe euphoric high. Medical cannabis patients who suffer from appetite loss, chronic pain, insomnia, and multiple sclerosis may find Blackwater beneficial in relieving their symptoms caused by these conditions. With its heavily sedating effects, Blackwater is recommended for late-night consumption as it can cause mental cloudiness and detract from productivity.

Natural State Medicinals is currently the sole producer of this fragrant strain of weed in Arkansas. It’s no surprise that they hit the ball out of the park with this one, as well.

Start 2024 on a high note, and try these awesome cannabis strains for a truly elevated year!

ICYMI: Most popular weed strains of 2023

In 2023, most cannabis consumers stayed consistent with wanting marijuana strains that are high testing in THC and the best bang for their buck. But for the many who look at more than THC when shopping for weed, they stayed true to the classics. 

Take a quick look back at some of the most popular cannabis strains of 2023 that you don't want to miss!

Scott’s OG

A highly potent strain, Scott’s OG is an indica-dominant strain recommended for consumers with a high tolerance. Known for its powerfully sedating effects, Scott’s OG produces a strong body-high and has shown potential therapeutic benefits in helping with chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD.


Known in most states as Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies is a cannabis strain that is beneficial to medical patients suffering from headaches or migraines, nausea, and a lack of appetite. It produces a cerebral effect that invigorates the mind along with full-body relaxation that is body-numbing and hunger inducing.

Donny Burger

A powerful indica-dominant hybrid, Donny Burger produces an uplifted, giggly effect in its users, with mild sedation. Perfect for use any time of day, medical cannabis patients find Donny Burger to help with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and inflammation. 

Blue Dream

Extremely popular amongst cannabis users worldwide, Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain whose effects hit both body and mind. A motivating cerebral high sparks focus and creativity while a mellow physical-high work its way through the body making it an excellent strain to help relieve symptoms of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, headaches or migraines, inflammation, mood disorders, and PTSD.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant strain that produces a chill, enjoyable high that sparks creativity and laughter in its users, while relaxing them with a mellow body-buzz. A great weed strain for social gatherings, Pineapple Express may help relieve symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and nausea.

Chemmy Jones

A potent, sativa-dominant strain, Chemmy Jones is not for the faint of heart. This In The Flow cult classic produces an uplifting, functional high that sparks focus and creativity, making it the perfect choice for a daytime smoke sesh. Chemmy Jones may help patients find relief from depression, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, and stress.


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