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Our Story
The first location of The Source was a small dispensary in Bentonville, Arkansas, founded in 2019 by a group of Arkansas natives. Over the past few years, our team has grown and we moved into a new, state-of-the-art dispensary just off the interstate in Rogers, Arkansas with a small cultivation facility, lab, and kitchen. We are locals, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of cannabis in our region at an affordable price.

Observation-centered cultivation

Our indoor grow partner, In the Flow, is a boutique cultivator of high-caliber cannabis flower from Boulder, Colorado. Their team holds over 10 years of experience cultivating strains and phenotypes to yield highly refined, award-winning strains such as Chemmy Jones, Lemon Skunk, and Danky Kong.

This is no small feat: it requires years of close observation, careful testing, research, and repetition in the “pheno hunt” to yield strains with fine-tuned medicinal effects. Cultivation of each strain of cannabis is a slow process that requires years of dedication and research to express the nuanced traits we’re looking for in medicinal cannabis—not just THC content, but also terpenes and other dimensions. That’s why we only partner with the very best and most experienced in the industry. 

When you purchase your cannabis from us, you are benefitting from many years of research and cultivation in Colorado that have produced the finest quality cannabis in the country.
A woman's hands holds large buds of medical marijuana and a small bamboo lid with a tentacle carved on it. A young man wearing a headband and rubber gloves harvests a bright green medical marijuana plant. Two hands wearing blue plastic gloves cup a medical marijuana flower on the vine. A young woman holds a pair of pruning shears and touches a medical marijuana plant in the act of propagation.

Science-driven purity

Not only is our flower top of the line, but we also put the very best into our vape cartridges, concentrates, gummies, and other products. You will find zero vitamin E, propylene glycol, acetone, or other dangerous additives in any of our vape cartridges; we are proud to exclusively produce our vape pen distillates with naturally-derived terpenes, the “essential oil” compounds that give cannabis its scent and flavor. The terpenes are extracted and refined using advanced subcritical and supercritical CO2 technology, then combined with THC concentrate to create our full line of vape cart options (including the budget-friendly options!).

Our consultants have been making vape cartridges since they were invented. We continue to refine our processes and conduct research; currently, we are working to bring solventless extraction to the Arkansas market, which we believe is the next chapter of medical marijuana.
A woman wearing a hair net prunes the leaves of freshly harvested medical marijuana plants. Portrait of three Source team members wearing lab gear and PPE who are packaging and processing cannabis-infused edibles at The Source Craft Cannabis Company's in-house lab and kitchen.Portrait inside of the lab and kitchen at The Source Craft Cannabis company in Rogers, Arkansas. The portrait is of Yeci, Trevor, and Montana, The Source's lab and kitchen team. The team is wearing white lab coats and PPE gear, and standing side by side in a brightly lit lab.

Community partnerships

A group of diverse people sit in white chairs and focus on a speaker to the left of the camera.
As a locally-owned business, we have supported our local communities from the beginning by partnering with designers, artists, and creatives in Northwest Arkansas. We work with local artists to create The Source-branded stickers and t-shirts, as well as to create the signature murals in our dispensary (stop by the store to take a look!). We treat these collaborations as opportunities to support artists on their individual journeys by giving them creative freedom in their designs—our mission is to continue to foster creativity as often as possible.
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