MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU: Legendary marketing campaign back for another year on May 4th

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May The Source Be With You is The Source cannabis dispensary’s unofficial slogan. We celebrate it on May 4th, officially known as Star Wars Day, where we coined our punny slogan.

The Source first opened its doors in August 2019 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Back then, we were a small dispensary with only a handful of employees. Over the years, our crew has grown to over fifty people, but a few of the OG team still remain. Lenny Blankenship is one of the rare few who has been with us since the beginning.

A long, silver-haired gentleman with glasses and a white beard shows his love for cannabis, hugging several jars full of marijuana to his chest.
If you can’t recall who Lenny is, he’s the Jerry Garcia doppelganger with the boisterous laugh that makes you laugh right along. As a significant member of The Source team, we highlight Lenny this May the Source Day.

Lenny was born in Gary, Indiana, in May 1971. He moved to Arkansas for a new start in life on Valentine’s Day in 1995. Lenny met his future wife not long after moving to the Natural State. They were married in 2003 and share a 13-year-old daughter together.

In his free time, Lenny enjoys a myriad of hobbies. He loves being outdoors and loves doing outdoor activities such as canoeing. He is a lover of all kinds of music and is an avid reader with a deep appreciation for poetry.

A long, silver-haired gentleman with glasses and a white beard stands at a budtending station at The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers, Arkansas.
Before becoming a full-time cultivator, Lenny worked as a budtender or “patient-consultant” at The Source. He found his calling in the grow!

A cannabis lover at a young age, Lenny discovered the benefits of cannabis early on. Lenny always preferred a more natural, homeopathic lifestyle, and cannabis helped enable that lifestyle. When he was younger, Lenny used cannabis for recreational purposes. As he’s grown and learned more about the cannabis plant, he now mostly uses it for medicinal and spiritual purposes. He loves the broad spectrum of cannabis, and it’s power to treat everything from physical pain to mental health issues. “Amazing effects. We don’t know all it can do,” he marvels.

Three men and a woman sitting behind a garden of cannabis plants while smiling and holding cannabis clones in the Veg room at The Source in Rogers, Arkansas.
Lenny shows off freshly harvested clones with his colleagues: Rob Garcia, Arianna Pascoe, and Jonathan Thompson.

Lenny’s favorite way of consuming cannabis is with flower, and he prefers smoking joints or cones. He also enjoys vaping carts because of the convenience. When asked if he could only smoke one strain for the rest of his life, Lenny took a minute to think about when his colleague Ariana Pascoe, blurted in his ear, “It better be In The Flow!” Lenny laughed and said, “Actually, it is,” stating Danky Kong as his favorite.

A man works in the Grow room at The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers, Arkansas trimming marijuana leaves.

Lenny states a common misconception about cannabis he would like to change is the notion that cannabis makes you lazy. For people new to cannabis, Lenny advises, “Enjoy it. Don’t be afraid of it. Understand it.”

Lenny has been with The Source since July 2019, one month before the store officially opened, and is the clever mind behind our borrowed motto, “May the Source be with you.” He says someone sneezed one day, and he responded with the famous Star Wars line when the idea clicked.

A marijuana cultivator trims a small, bright green clone.
Grower Rob Garcia notes that cloning is one of the most delicate parts of the grow process, “From this point forward, we will be with this plant through its entire life cycle. It’s amazing to watch them grow.”

Lenny started working for The Source as a budtender and is now part of our Grow team. Besides being surrounded by cannabis, his favorite part about working for The Source is the family that he’s gained. When asked why he joined the cannabis industry, he said, “I was made for this shit! And I got lucky.”

Come visit Lenny this Thursday at a pop-up in our lobby. He’s going to be talking about terpenes, and we will be giving away stickers and magnets in order to commemorate our favorite Source holiday!

A green light saber with the words “Come on over to the Green Side” | A galaxy of stars lays behind the words “MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU” in yellow outline | Thursday, May 4, 2023, between 10 am to 8 pm, at The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers, Arkansas, there will be fire deals, major merch giveaways, new educational materials, and a pop-up with Lenny, former budtender, now grower for The Source, in the lobby.

Our Rogers storefront is located at 4505 W Poplar St, Rogers, AR 72758 and is open daily from 10 am - 8 pm.

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