From Cinco de Mayo to Cinco de Mota: A Celebration of Cannabis

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Cinco de Mota is The Source cannabis dispensary’s play on Cinco de Mayo, as mota in Spanish means weed or marijuana. The Source values diversity and strives for more inclusivity of other cultures.

Although not observed anymore as a national holiday in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a popular holiday throughout the rest of the world that is commemorated with an emphasis on Mexican culture, music, and cuisine. At its core, The Source values diversity and strives daily to be more inclusive of other cultures. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we take this opportunity to feature one of our Hispanic budtenders, Evelyn.

Evelyn Diaz poses with a marijuana leaf at The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers, Arkansas.

Evelyn Diaz, known fondly as Evey by her work family, has been with The Source since May 2020. She was born in Los Angeles, California, in December 1993, and moved to northwest Arkansas when she was two months old.

Evelyn is an extremely hardworking individual, typical of a Capricorn. She started at The Source as a budtender and has worked her way onto our Grow team. When not at work, Evelyn goes to school for a bachelor’s degree in Biology and enjoys hot yoga and spending time with her 5-year-old son in her free time.

One of The Source cannabis dispensary's Hispanic budtenders, Evelyn Diaz, works in our grow room, shucking marijuana leaves after harvest.

Cannabis has played a role in Evelyn’s life for many years. Her journey with cannabis started at a young age with her best friend since childhood, Arianna Pascoe, an OG Source team member who is now one of our Grow team leads. With her discovery of cannabis, Evelyn felt a part of a community of like-minded people where she could truly be herself. Her use of cannabis has helped her find relief from pain and depression and allows her to be more social by sharing connections with others.

One of her main goals in working in the cannabis industry is to educate the Hispanic community about the benefits of cannabis. Evelyn inspired our Marketing team to further our commitment to inclusivity by producing more Spanish-language materials. For this reason, you’ll find Spanish translations of all of our in-house strains on our online catalog, as well as available in print in-store. On 5 de Mota, we will be giving away new terpene educational materials in Spanish (as well as English).

Evelyn’s favorite strain of cannabis is the classic GG #4, which she helps cultivate in our Grow. (We In The Flow fans like to call it Glue). She prefers smoking flower out of bongs or doing dabs out of rigs (though she can roll a fat blunt, too).

Evelyn Diaz poses with cannabis bud in her purple heart-shaped glasses. Evelyn has worked for The Source cannabis dispensary since May 2020. She started as a budtender and has worked her way up to our Grow team. | Evelyn Diaz, a member of The Source cannabis dispensary Grow team, poses with a bunch of cannabis leaves that were removed during harvest.

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