A young budtender with a mustache and a hat stands in a row of jars of cannabis flower. Fifteen jars hold different strains of cannabis flower with varying THC and CBD percentages.A young budtender with a mustache and a hat stands in a row of jars of cannabis flower. Fifteen jars hold different strains of cannabis flower with varying THC and CBD percentages.

Too High or Not High Enough? Here's what to do

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Working with medical cannabis as a budtender at The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers, I encounter situations with cannabis users from all ends of the spectrum. Some people are new to smoking and want the medical benefits from the cannabinoids found in cannabis but worry about getting too high, while other people have been using cannabis since they were young and now cannot reach that desired medicated level. 

After two years of working at The Source, the feedback that I get from our patients has taught me more about cannabis than anything else. Below are the best ways I have learned to balance both ends of the spectrum: how to overcome being too high and also how to get that stoney feeling again from cannabis when you don’t feel like you can get high anymore.

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What to do when you have consumed too much THC 

Consume too much cannabis, and now you are too high? Let's get you grounded. 

Common symptoms of consuming too much THC are anxiety, increased heart rate, nausea, and paranoia.

The first thing to remember is that you are okay. You cannot overdose on cannabis or use too much THC. Drink water, preferably cold, or splash some on your face to shock your endocannabinoid system and help ground you. Staying hydrated will also allow your body to flush the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short) from your system, while getting rid of the cotton mouth you're most likely experiencing, allowing you to relax.

Take a run or a walk

One great way for your body to detox THC from your system quickly is through sweating. If you can, go outside for a run or walk; activity will help tremendously! If you cannot do physical activity to detox the THC quickly from your system, another option is through hot baths or showers; this will work just as well.


Several cannabis products appear close up in the frame, including a Wynk cannabis infused beverage, several boxes of Wana gummies with high CBD content and a tincture by Natural State Medicinals.
We offer several products high in CBD, including seltzer, sub-lingual troches, and gummies.

An excellent option for mellowing your high from too much marijuana use is consuming the cannabinoid CBD. Keep CBD products on hand for those times when you ingest too much cannabis. Getting CBD into your system is the surest thing you can do to even out your high. CBD will decrease the euphoric effect caused when you consume marijuana while increasing the medical benefits of the plant, creating homeostasis in the body and mind. 

If you notice you may be too medicated from THC and only have CBD edibles (edibles are processed through the liver, therefore taking longer to take effect) on hand, don't worry. Chewing an edible longer and allowing the CBD to absorb through the sublingual glands in your mouth will make the effects onset quicker.

Explore terpenes derived from botanicals too

Eat foods with balancing terpenes

Other options are available to help balance your high besides the cannabinoid CBD. The aromatic oils you smell off your cannabis, known as terpenes, are also helpful in combating the sensation of being too high.

The terpenes found in cannabis can also be found in other everyday things. When searching for a calming, uplifting effect, the main terps to look at are caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene.

They terpenes caryohpyllene, limonene, and pinene can help bring you down when you are over-medicated.

Caryophyllene is found in natural ingredients such as black pepper, clove, oregano, and cinnamon. This terpene interacts with the same cannabinoid receptors as some antidepressant medications. If you have any of these items with caryophyllene, eating them will help provide anxiety relief and a more clear mind.

Limonene is found in citrus, such as lemon and orange rinds. Studies show limonene affects the brain’s serotonin system, giving you a more elevated mood and decreased anxiety. Drinking lemon water or fresh orange juice can help give some stress and anxiety relief.

Pinene is a terpene found in pine needles, rosemary, dill, basil, and parsley. Researchers found that pinene can counteract THC-induced anxiety. With these items, you can eat or just smell them to combat the overwhelming feelings you are experiencing. Taking a deep breath of pine needles, or even a pine essential oil, will help you feel calmer, with a clearer mind. 

Take a nap

If none of these options do the trick, napping for a few hours is a great way to help yourself calm down. Being too high from smoking cannabis can be scary and overwhelming, but you are not alone. We have all been there, and I promise you, you will get through it and be okay.

What to do when you cannot get medicated enough

A young budtender wearing an In The Flow boutique cannabis hat stands between a couple of rows of jars filled with cannabis flower. Six jars on top, seven jars on the bottom, the jars display a wide variety of cannabis strains with varying THC percentages.
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Many cannabis consumers feel it doesn't matter how high the THC content is; they just can’t seem to get high like they used to. Although the THC content of the plant is not the only thing that gives you the euphoria and effects you receive, THC does tend to be the deciding factor for individuals who have grown a tolerance to most of their cannabis consumption. Losing the ability to get high is a common occurrence for several reasons. Luckily, there are numerous ways to help keep your THC level low for as long as possible.

Begin with low THC levels

If you are new to consuming cannabis, have just undergone a detoxification process, or just want to keep your tolerance low, you do not need to be searching for the cannabis strain with the highest THC percentages. Start with cannabis strains with lower THC percentages, like 12%-16%. Low-testing THC strains provide just as much relief as high-testing strains, like 25% or above, because of the entourage effect, meaning when you get something lower in THC, you are gaining medical assistance from all properties the cannabis plant has to offer, giving cannabis users a better effect of each terpene and cannabinoid.

Mix up your timing and strains

Try and mix up your cannabis use schedule from day to day. Studies have shown that consuming cannabis at the same time every day will increase your tolerance, especially during that time. Since cannabis use is connected to your endocannabinoid receptors, every aspect of your life while consuming it will have something to do with how your high affects you.

For example, you can experience two different highs with the same cannabis strain based on whether you woke up feeling sluggish, skipped breakfast, and consumed inside versus if you woke up feeling good, ate breakfast, and consumed outside.

Let's say you have a cannabis strain that you love, and you exclusively consume that strain. Consuming the same strain, particularly at the same time of day, will cause your tolerance level to build very quickly to that specific strain. Your tolerance level builds quickly to that strain because your CB1 and CB2 receptors can grow a tolerance to the specific terpene profiles of a cannabis plant.

Mixing up what strain of cannabis you consume is an excellent way to keep your THC tolerance low. Even if it is a similar strain, having a slightly different terpene profile will allow your receptors to open up to these other cannabinoids.

Experiment with a new consumption method

Another great way to keep your tolerance low is by using different consumption methods. There are many different ways to consume cannabis nowadays, making mixing up your consumption methods easier. You can change how you consume medical marijuana however you want to because each individual’s body is so unique and processes differently that there is no right or wrong way. It is a trial and error process until you find what works for you, whether with edibles, topicals, trans-dermal patches, and sublingual products, or dabs, flower, and cartridges.

Take a break to reset those receptors

If you’ve been smoking for years with no break, unfortunately, sometimes a tolerance break will be the only way to reset those receptors. Typically, your THC tolerance level takes around 48 hours to decrease. For a complete THC detox, however, the average person needs to take at least a 21-day break from consuming cannabis with THC.

Five jars of cannabis sit on a shelf in front of a bright sign that says "The Source." The cannabis strains in the jar are brightly labeled: Donny Burger, Peach Crescendo, Cake N' Chem, Oreoz, and Chemmy Jones, all produced by In The Flow boutique cannabis.
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