Photo of cannabis stem cuttings in rockwool propagation medium taken from above. The image has text superimposed that says, "How to Clone Cannabis" with The Source Craft Cannabis Arkansas's logo in the bottom left corner.Photo of cannabis stem cuttings in rockwool propagation medium taken from above. The image has text superimposed that says, "How to Clone Cannabis" with The Source Craft Cannabis Arkansas's logo in the bottom left corner.

Cannabis Propagation: How to Successfully Clone

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Growing high-quality cannabis is a complex process from beginning to end. The Grow Team at The Source Craft Cannabis in Rogers, Arkansas, however, achieve this success consistently with their top-notch genetics from In The Flow boutique cannabis cultivation. But how do they ensure this accomplishment stays true? Our lead growers, Ari and Rob, break down the process of cloning the perfect cannabis plant.

What is cloning?

Cloning is a method of plant propagation (breeding) where a portion of a plant, such as a stem cutting, is removed and encouraged to grow into a new plant genetically identical to the original "mother" plant.  

Why do cultivators clone plants?

Cloning offers several advantages, such as maintaining the desirable traits of the mother plant, faster growth compared to plants grown from seeds, and the ability to create a uniform crop with predictable characteristics. This method is particularly popular among growers who wish to preserve specific genetic lines or ensure consistent quality in their plants.

How to successfully clone cannabis

1. Choose the most vivacious cannabis plant as your "mother plant”

Growers select the most vigorous, healthy, and desirable plants to serve as the source of cuttings. These plants are often called "mother plants" because they provide the genetic material for the clones.

2. Take cuttings from the mother plant

To create clones, growers carefully cut portions of the mother plant. Cut the stem just below one of its nodes (points where leaves attach to the stem). Look carefully at the stem Ari is holding in the photo above, and you'll see where the leaves were removed and nodes remain! These cuttings carry the unique genetic makeup of the mother plant, so it's important to cut carefully. After making your initial cut from the mother plant, you'll want to make sure the cuttings are even in height. Homogenizing the cuttings will make your process lighter in effort later.

3. Root the cuttings

The cuttings are then placed in a growing medium, such as rockwool cubes, which provide support and moisture for the developing roots. Rockwool is often used because it offers excellent drainage and aeration, promoting healthy root growth.

Under the right conditions, including proper lighting, temperature, humidity, and nutrients, the cuttings will quickly develop roots and grow into new plants. Clones tend to grow faster than plants grown from seeds because they are already at a more advanced stage of development.  Make sure to take notes on every part of your process. Carefully observe your cuttings and note the amount of water intake that suites that strain and monitor the amount of light, nutrients, and humidity each strain prefers.

4. Transplant the cannabis clones

As the clones grow and mature, they require more space to accommodate their increasing size. Growers typically transplant the clones into larger containers or a dedicated vegetative growth area, providing them with the necessary room to continue their rapid growth.

At The Source we operate a boutique cultivation of only 50 plants, which gives us the unique opportunity to love and care for every individual cannabis plant we grow. We give each one the special attention it deserves so that it flourishes. Learn more about our hands-on cultivation approach on Episode 2 of Roots and Reefer: Sentimentality in Cannabis Cultivation with Ariana Pascoe.

The State of growing cannabis at home in Arkansas as it stands today

As the law (specifically the 2016 Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment) currently stands, home cultivation of cannabis is not permitted. This restriction applies to all medical marijuana patients in the state, regardless of their specific medical condition. It is crucial for individuals to understand and comply with the specific laws and regulations as penalties can be severe, including fines and imprisonment. If you have more questions about the regulations surrounding medical marijuana in Arkansas, don't be a stranger to Arkansas Department of Health's Medical Marijuana program website, or consult with a qualified legal professional for more information. But there's hope still!

Hope on the horizon: new Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative in 2024

Although medical marijuana patients and their caregivers are currently unable to grow their own plants in the state of Arkansas, cannabis advocates have created a new initiative for the upcoming election that builds on Arkansas Amendment 98. This new initiative proposes allowing patients and designated caregivers over the age of 21 to grow up to seven mature plants and seven younger marijuana plants.  

Other features of this new initiative include:

  • Expanding who can certify patients for medical marijuana cards from only doctors to include physician assistants, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.
  • Permitting providers to qualify patients based on any medical need rather than the state’s current 18 qualifying conditions.
  • Allowing health care providers to conduct patient assessments via telemedicine.
  • Expanding access to out-of-state residents by recognizing patient cards from other states or allowing nonresidents to obtain Arkansas patient cards.
  • Abolishing application fees for patients seeking registry ID cards.
  • Increasing the expiration date for new patient cards from one year to three years.
  • Removing prohibition on the manufacture and sale of paraphernalia that requires the “combustion” of marijuana.

Drop by Headwaters Provisions, located in the same building as The Source Cannabis dispensary, and sign the petition to get this new initiative on the ballot this November! Together we can make a real difference!

About The Source cannabis dispensary in Northwest Arkansas

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