Treating PTSD With Cannabis [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In honor of Memorial Day, The Source celebrates our fallen heroes and veterans with a quick word about cannabis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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For many veterans, the stress of service can have a life-altering negative effect. Historically, PTSD has been prevalent among soldiers and veterans, described in the 20th century as “shell shock,” but recognized in descriptions dating back to the ancient Greeks.

There are many kinds of trauma, but serving one’s country, especially in war, is one of the most dangerous, high-pressure situations a person can endeavor. Add to that the tragedy of lost friends and the difficulty of transitioning from military to civilian life after service, and it’s no wonder that trauma and PTSD can so seriously disrupt veterans’ lives.


But there is some good news for these vets, in the form of our favorite friendly helper, Cannabis! Cannabis has been shown to decrease PTSD symptoms over the course of a year, often so much that the patient no longer met the criteria for diagnosis. This is no surprise for many veterans for whom self-medicating with cannabis has literally been a life-saver.

Of course, there are some strains and terpene profiles that have been shown to be particularly helpful for PTSD, so let’s dive deeper into those!


PTSD often manifests in flashbacks, nightmares, and crippling anxiety. As such, strains that contain a lot of THC (over 20%) should be used sparingly at first, especially if they are Sativa-leaning and high in Pinene, as there is a potential that the high energy these strains provide could turn nervous and anxious.


However, some potent strains, if they are heavy in caryophyllene and limonene terpenes, like Master Yoda, may give benefits in stress and anxiety reduction. Blue Dream is another potent option, bringing a lovely sedation from myrcene and a reduction in anxiety from limonene.

Lower THC, higher CBD strains are also good for PTSD sufferers, especially those who aren’t experienced cannabis users, as they will rule out the potential anxiety of feeling too high. Great options would include Slurricane, Cannatonic, or Trop Fetti.


An additional benefit of any kind of cannabis consumption for PTSD sufferers is that it seems to limit REM sleep, greatly reducing or even stopping any kind of dreaming, including nightmares.


When it comes to consumption methods, flower, edibles, concentrates, and cartridges can all work for PTSD sufferers, and Full Extract Cannabis Oil is a great option for sleep aid and anxiety relief.

Here at The Source, our budtenders are eager to help you find the perfect product to fit your needs.


With the plethora of great options out there, help is on the way. Thanks to cannabis and its ability to heal PTSD symptoms, we can celebrate Memorial Day and Mental Health Awareness knowing that trauma and loss don’t have to control our lives!

PTSD and Cannabis Relief

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