The words "Happy 710" are surrounded by a cartoon-like dab rig, a dab tool dripping with gold oil, as well as clouds of smoke. The words "Happy 710" are surrounded by a cartoon-like dab rig, a dab tool dripping with gold oil, as well as clouds of smoke.

The Source Cannabis High Art Series

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Happy 710 everyone! This July 10th, The Source Cannabis in Northwest Arkansas is excited to launch our original “High Art Series,” with a print celebrating the lesser-known cannabis holiday 710. Created by The Source’s design team, our 710 poster brings awareness to cannabis concentrates, by featuring a classic dab rig and oil dripping from the spoon.

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710 Cannabis Holiday Celebrating Vapes and Concentrates

The words "wishing you a happy 710 Oil day" appear in black and gold surrounded by  dab rig with oil dripping from a spoon and a cloud of smoke.
The Happy 710 posters are numbered 1 to 500 and signed by our in-house Wavelength Extracts formulator, Trevor Sharpe. You can get a poster by being a loyalty member and shopping with us 7/10-7/20. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
Master formulator Trevor Sharpe fills cartridges in the lab at The Source facility.
The "cart filler" distributes oil evenly between cartridges. Trevor uses math and science to calculate formulations as well as the cart-filling process.

3 New Strains by Wavelength Extracts

A colorful menu of new vape cartridge strains available at The Source Cannabis in Arkansas include Jelly Rancher, Rainbow Belt, and Forbidden Fruit.

Alongside the cool new art, The Source is dropping three new strains of our high-quality THC distillate cartridges by Wavelength Extracts. Get excited about trying new flavors, because there are special prices on "trifectas" from 7-10 to 7-20.

Art Helps Destigmatize Cannabis

The intention behind sponsoring a series of original art is to continue the fight to destigmatize cannabis. Art is a healthy and creative way to educate or re-frame an idea. We believe it’s our job to help spread the good word on the healing benefits of medical cannabis, and what better way to do it than through art?

Check out the first draft of our original design! We are grateful to our designer, Chris Massaad, for always going the extra mile with his illustrations.

We Believe in the Power of Cannabis to Provide Relief

At The Source, one of our core values is education. We believe that education alongside art can help change the way that people see cannabis in Arkansas.

By removing the stigma associated with cannabis, we can help open the minds of people who cannabis might be able to help! At The Source, we are most motivated by a desire to help others. The brightest experiences for all of us who work there always involve helping a patient find relief.

Stay Tuned for Our Fourth Anniversary High Art Poster

The second limited-edition print in our High Art Series will be available on August 15 for our 4th anniversary. We can’t believe how much we’ve grown as a company - from a small dispensary to a full-fledged craft cannabis company! Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

A lit up sign reads, The Source on a leafy green wall. On the opposing wall, a mural features a "Good Vibes Machine," with colorful laser beams pointing of it.
Visit our beautiful facility and check out our unique murals! We are conveniently located just off the interstate in Rogers, AR.

About The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers, Arkansas

The Source is a fully vertical, state-of-the-art grow facility and cannabis dispensary located in Rogers, Arkansas. Our mission is to cultivate and dispense high-quality cannabis in a safe, friendly, and compliant environment. Shop our online store for free local delivery or pick-up, or stop by our dispensary today!

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