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Whether we’re caring for our plants in our grow, preparing recipes in our lab, or serving you at the dispensary, we put love and care into everything we do. Come see for yourself by shopping at our Rogers location.
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A golden, rising sun decorates the background of a circular logo which reads, “The Source Compassionate Care Program,” with the primary colors being green, gold, and white.

The Source is home to the most robust cannabis loyalty program in Arkansas

Our fully redesigned loyalty program was designed by stoners for stoners, letting you earn more points per dollar spent as your spending increases throughout the year. The more you spend, the more you earn. Plus, get exclusive bonus points during happy hours, Wavelength Wednesdays, holidays, new product drops, and, of course, your birthday!

Our team takes the craft of growing patient satisfaction as seriously as our grow team cares for Donny Burger. We are committed to providing you an experience that reflects our commitment to craft and constant growth and development.

Empowering your well-being

We'll never forget our first time in a dispensary—it can be overwhelming! Choosing the right cannabis product can feel daunting with the variety of strains, potencies, and options for consumption. The Source’s passionate, down-to-earth patient consultants—we fondly call them “budtenders”—are here to demystify the process and educate you on the variety of options we offer.
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Our new, state-of-the-art facility houses a fully vertical operation, providing a unique farm-to-table opportunity for medical marijuana patients in Northwest Arkansas. Beyond our house brands, we pride ourselves on our dispensary inventory, which boasts a wide variety of over 500 products sourced from all of Arkansas’ top cannabis brands – from boutique cultivators like River Valley Relief and Revolution, as well as larger companies like Bold, Good Day Farms, and Natural State Medicinals.

Although we’ve been budtending since 2019, in 2022, we began to grow, harvest, trim, process, package, and budtend our own cannabis. Our boutique cultivation model yields the highest quality flower possible, and our budtenders ensure that you find the perfect product or strain to treat your particular symptoms. As experts in terpenes and cannabinoids, we work to curate the most optimal medical marijuana experience for our patients.

Our in-house featured products

Did you know that we have our own boutique grow, lab, and kitchen in the same facility as our dispensary? Shop our craft brands In The Flow and Apothecary exclusively at The Source.

Products we offer include:
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